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Supply Chain

At Gilbert-Ash we want to be a partner of choice. We recognize the value of building a strong diverse supply chain by working with like-minded companies that can add value. We aimĀ to build mutually beneficial relationships with our supply chain partners and have developed a process that will encourage engagement and collaboration throughout all stages of our projects. To find out more about working with Gilbert-Ash, download a copy of our Supply Chain Charter.

How to join our supply chain

To become part of our approved supply chain, please complete our online pre-assessment questionnaire below. Once you answer all of the questions and you confirm that your company meets our criteria, you will be considered pre-approved and therefore visible to our procurement teams.

Please note that prior to appointment to a Gilbert-Ash project you will have to complete the full approval process.

If you have any queries regarding our pre-assessment process please contact our team at

The following pre-assessment will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.