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W5 - Climb-it is a huge multi-storey climbing structure, which is a cross between a maze and a jungle gym, situated in the Atrium at the heart of W5. The first of its kind in the UK and Ireland, Climb-it is a unique, visually elegant, three dimensional sculpture specially designed for climbing. Oval platforms suspended from steel pipes and cables let visitors traverse over, under and through the amazing structure. Gilbert-Ash Fitout was principal contractor for the project, overseeing the installation in the W5 Atrium.

Project Team

Architects White Ink
Artist Spencer Luckey
Lighting Consultants Sutton Vane Associates


  • Royal Society of Ulster Architects – Design Award for Integration of Art

"In a multi-storey space bathed in Irish light, a Celtic Dragon abstracted in steel invites children to climb the spans of its arched wings. One of the biggest climbers ever built, the structure dances through the space with apparent disregard for the rectilinear architecture it occupies. It is however, ingeniously configured to intersect with existing beams and columns where suitable: a celebration of the symbiosis of building and sculpture." - Spencer Luckey - Artist

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