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Site visit by children from St Giles Church of England School

27 | April | 2017

This week we had a group of little visitors to one of our construction sites. We hosted a site visit by 33 infants from St Giles Church of England school. The purpose of these visits is to both teach children about construction, and to educate them of the hazards on construction sites.

The visit was to our site at City of London Freeman’s School, where we are currently building a new state of the art swimming pool - a great new facility for pupils.

Gilbert-Ash staff and teachers from the school did cartoon-based activities with the children using resources from the Considerate Constructor ‘Ivor Goodsite’ website. The two cartoon characters Ivor Goodsite and Honor Goodsite teach children about the hazards of playing on construction sites.

The children were all given activity packs to take home afterwards which included colouring-in pages and ‘join the dots’ as well as information developed by our site staff.