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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality


“We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in our projects, protecting the natural environment throughout all of our operations, and encouraging a culture where we can continue to improve our overall business performance.”

John McGerty, S.H.E. Manager

Health & Safety

We have launched our Health & Safety Initiative “Don’t Walk By” to challenge the industry norm, go beyond compliance and create an environment that ensures our employees, supply chain and all other stakeholders know that their safety and well-being is central, throughout everything that we do as a business.  In accordance with our ISO45001 management system, we are committed to investing in behavioural safety and continue to improve our overall performance.


We know the impact our operations can have on our ecosystem and biodiversity and have taken steps to ensure we always protect and when possible enhance the natural environment. In accordance with our ISO14001 management system we have developed procedures to ensure we always assess the risk, to ensure the environment is considered throughout all of our business operations.


We take a proactive approach to quality management to ensure we not only meet, but also exceed our customer expectations.  In accordance with our ISO9001 management system we have developed an innovative approach to quality management centred around pre-planning, planning, implementation, handover, delivery, review, lessons learned and customer care.

We have produced a rigorous and cutting-edge inspection and test process that has been integrated with our supply chain management procedure, ensuring we achieve a “right first time” approach on all our projects.

To learn more, download our 2019 / 2020 Performance Summary PDF below.




72 Percent average HSE site performance KPI for 2018

18 Health & wellbeing initiatives

89 Percent waste diverted from landfill 2018

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