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Gilbert-Ash Working Together As One to Safely Return to Work

Covid-19 Update

With all of our sites reopening in line with Government and industry guidelines, ensuring the continued health and safely needs of our team and those on our project sites is critical.

It is clear, more than ever, that we need to work together to confidently face down challenges, even as we work safely apart.

Together, working with our visionary clients, hard-working partners and suppliers, we are continuing to deliver landmark buildings. We are rolling up our sleeves and ensuring our can-do attitude comes to the fore.

We have reviewed all our sites and implemented the following procedures:

  • The introduction of a COVID-19 ‘Marshall’ role: Each Marshall will monitor the access points and welfare areas ensuring continued efforts to maintain social distancing at all times.
  • PPE: An extensive effort was made to source and procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff on site including face masks, visors, glasses and hand sanitiser.
  • Travel to/from sites: we conducted an in-depth review of travel to work arrangements on all sites with alternative car or van transport organised where practical to enable staff to travel to site without reliance on public transport.
  • Temperature checking: At site entrance points, there is temperature checking to reduce the risk of any of our team, subcontractors or suppliers who may have a fever/high temperature from accessing site.
  • Handwashing stations: Multiple stations have been added on site with appropriate soap / hand cleaning products in place.
  • Canteen and WC facilities: We have procured and installed additional facilities where required to aid social distancing within the welfare areas of each site. We are also scheduling tea/lunch on site to reduce numbers in each canteens, with intervals between breaks to enable cleaning staff to clean before the next break commences.
  • Signage: We have placed a range of additional information signage relating to COVID-19 for use throughout each site
  • Site cleaning staff: Additional cleaners have been organised to ensure the already high standards of cleanliness on our sites is maintained.
  • A highly diligent approach: We will be monitoring all direct operations and sub-contractor activities.

We are fortunate that many of those that are usually based in our offices can work from home, with the offices in Belfast and London operating on a necessity only basis and with social distancing measures in place. We have invested in technology to facilitate working from home, video conferencing and secure remote access to project information for our teams.

We are also continuing to closely monitor all developments to assess any additional requirements.

Should you have any questions on our operations, please contact us.